LEA (The Lean Empowering Assistant)

LEA, in short ‘The Lean Empowering Assistant’, is a very innovative personal assistant. Robot Care Systems (RCS) designs and builds autonomous healthcare aids for the care market. With the use of robotic technology, we create products that provide support to elderly and help them to more actively and safely spend their time. In this way elderly can live longer independently in their own home.


LEA offers support with daily activities

This personal assistant functions fully autonomously and helps users in daily life. She ensures stability, safety and ease of use allowing older people or people with disabilities to maintain control over their lives. LEA helps to lead an active life, helps with the daily routine, ensures safety and easy communication.

Moving and exercises

LEA can be used as a training device during physical rehabilitation and training of cognitive functions. LEA assists in performing daily tasks, helps with daily routine and takes care of personal training program. She also takes care of users safety with specially made emergency detection and alarm functions.


LEA communicates

Communicate with LEA via the interactive screen, keep in touch with care workers, family and friends. LEA offers various reminder functions such as medication and meal reminders. Play puzzles with LEA, read a newspaper, train your memory, sing, everything is possible.

What can LEA do?

    One of the developments in healthcare is the regrettable fact that fewer people are available who give care. LEA changes this: it is a healthcare robot on wheels that can complement humans where there is a shortage. Think of:

  • Help in moving around
  • Avoiding obstacles
  • Connecting with the alarm center
  • Fall detection
  • Help with bathroom visits
  • Reminders for daily activities
  • Logging activity levels
  • Making reports (when privacy settings allow)
  • Fitness exercises
  • Dancing (i.e. slow foxtrot and waltz)
  • Picking up and bringing objects
  • Basic audio/video communication with carers, family and friends

Please visit us at Stand No: D8-01 to see LEA