Meet Our CEO

Meet Our CEO

CEO Speech

Our small world becomes small village and technology expands to no limit. We sought of the future, of what is coming and how it will be. We seek technology for security, protection, peace of mind, to help us fulfill our daily tasks without needing to be a burden to our beloved ones. Straightforwardly, being human means being fallible to anything and everything and restricts us into what we want to become and unable us to provide security and protection to one another.

But, most of us forgot that as we seek for the technology there are more and more people who are in need of assistance, admittedly, because of the negligence we incurred to ourselves. Those negligence lead to physical disabilities, unsecured family heritage, unexpected nature attacks that divides the humanity from each other. Despite the negative impact of technology, still, it is, a continues learning process, as most of us, learned the value of life.

I, being the chairman and owner of Amro Kamel Group, together with my team, had embrace the innovation of technology in a brighter aspects of life. We understood the need of providing and introducing the essence of Robotic Technology in our daily life. We, represents various companies that can provide assistance to secure our companies and home, to help disabled people. We sought technology not to be dependent to it but to guide us and help humanity to live a better life, enjoy and continue to live, to communicate and come up with one language that take out barriers to different races.



Our Core Values

Our steady climb to success is rooted in honesty, integrity, delivering as promised and hard work. At the core of everything we do at Amro Kamel Group (AKG) is integrity and compliance with our Code of Business Conduct. The COBC sets forth foundation for commitment to these principles.