Techi Butler TSR002-02 Techi Butler TSR002-02

A service-oriented robot for multi-point delivery. This product caters to hotel guests for food and amenity room service delivery. It is also suitable for offices. This robot has a payload of 50kg and three large compartments (H150 x W304 x L430 mm).

Key features

Key features include up to three multi-point deliveries in one journey, automatic doors, a 10.1-inch large screen for user communication, an integrated lift, private automatic branch exchange (PABX), and mobile control. Techi Butler TSR002-02’s dimensions are H1240 x W600 x L700 mm. 2 Techi Butler TSR005-01 The Techi Butler TSR005-01 specifications are similar to Techi Butler TSR002-02 in that it features two large compartments (H250 x W304 x L430 mm). This robot can perform up to two multi-point deliveries in one journey. Techi Butler TSR005-01’s dimensions are H1240 x W600 x L700 mm. 3 Techi Butler TSR001-01 The Techi Butler TSR001-01 is similar to the Techi Butler TSR005-01. The main difference between the products is related to the compartment size. While the Techi Butler TSR005-01’s compartments measure H250 x W304 x L430 mm, the Techi Butler TSR001-01’s compartments are shorter (H150 x W304 x L430 mm). Techi Butler TSR001-01’s dimensions are H990 x W600 x L700 mm.



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