Teotronica is an Imola-based company founded in 2007 by the "maker" spirit of Matteo Suzzi who since childhood has had a passion for robots. Disassembling the appliances for the curiosity to understand how they worked was not enough. He began to give substance to his imagination giving shape to mechatronic objects of all sorts, reusing everything that came to hand: from pieces of blenders to remote controls, radio alarms and other appliances. Stunned by R2D2, the famous robot of Star Wars, then comes to the design and self-production of robots for entertainment and learning. Keeping up with the times is the philosophy of Teotronica and the use of new technologies on modeling and 3D printing is proof of this.

As David Gauntlett says : "Doing things reminds us that we are strong and creative beings, people able to realize things, things that others can see, and from which they can learn and enjoy. Doing things means turning materials into something new, but also transforming one's sense of self. "Taken from" The makers ' society "by David Gauntlett

TeoTronico: the pianist robot

WHO IS TeoTronico? TeoTronico (Imola, 2012), conceived and built by Matteo Suzzi, is a pianist-robot that plays the piano with remarkable dynamic control and articulation, thanks to its 53 fingers and technology that allows you to move them with great precision and speed. It has been presented in the concert circuit by pianist Roberto Prosseda , who since March 2012 holds lessons-concert with TeoTronico on the relationship between reproduction and musical interpretation.

In 2012 he made his debut on TV on Canale 5, participating in "Italia's Got Talent". He made his debut with the orchestra on August 26, 2012 with the Berliner Symphoniker directed by Michelangelo Galeati at the prestigious Philharmonie in Berlin.

WHAT DOES TeoTronico? TeoTronico can play literally playing a midi file: it is therefore an ideal interpreter of the player-piano repertoire of Stravinsky, Hindemith, Nancarrow, Ligeti. It can also take the "semblance" of a true pianist pianist in the case reproduces midi files derived from piano rollers recorded by great pianists of the past as Busoni, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Hoffman. But not only that, TeoTronico can have a "mirror-pianist" role if connected to a digital piano played by a person ("ghost-pianist"). This mode means that he can therefore play as a solo pianist with orchestra, in chamber formations or as a pianist for singers, even remotely kilometers away.